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Semi hits Glenridge Road bridge in Glenville in latest bridge strike, closes road for hours – The Daily Gazette – The Daily Gazette

GLENVILLE Auto recovery crews worked a few hours Wednesday afternoon removing a tractor-trailer from Glenridge Road after it became the latest truck to strike the bridge. 
The driver of the truck was not injured, but the semi’s trailer was mostly destroyed. 
Glenville police and Canadian Pacific Railway Police responded to the scene just after 2 p.m. CP Railway owns the bridge. 

CP Railway Police Officer Mike Tracy said the bridge was shut down to trains until the company could get someone to inspect it to make sure it was structurally sound. 

Photos: Glenridge Road bridge strike Glenville 4/13/22 (9 Photos)
The top of the trailer was peeled completely off by the strike, leaving the trailer bent in the middle. The back doors of the truck were barely hanging on. 

The truck was marked J.B. Hunt and was carrying products from Ace Hardware, said the driver, who declined to provide his name.

Police identified the man as 29-year-old Essa Sisoko of Ohio. He was issued a ticket for failing to obey the overhead clearance sign. 

One piece of the trailer roof remained stuck to the bridge, just under the last sign announcing the bridge’s height, 10 feet, 11 inches.

The driver said he had turned off of Route 146, following the GPS directions in his truck. 
“The truck GPS did not show anything ahead,” he said. 

Top piece is really stuck. Attempt 2 to remove it under way
— Shenandoah Briere (@SB_DailyGazette) April 13, 2022

He said there was also no noticeable sign to warn him of the bridge.
However, town officials have said there are a total of 14 signs prior to the bridge to warn drivers.
He became distracted when he took a call from his doctor via bluetooth and did not realize the mistake he had made until he was already under the bridge. 
“I could feel something bad happen,” he said. 

They had to cut parts of the semi that hit the Glenridge Road Bridge this afternoon and remove the products inside before towing it. ⁦
— Shenandoah Briere (@SB_DailyGazette) April 13, 2022

If it wasn’t for a smaller load the truck would’ve gotten stuck, he said. 
He said he has been driving trucks for two years and on this journey, he was on his way to Ohio.
“I’m out of a job now,” he said. 

Workers had to cut up parts of the truck to tow it away. They also had to remove all the products inside. Those products, like pressure cookers, hand saws and drills will be stored by AC Towing until the insurance company collects them, said Karen Caprara with AC Towing. The road was expected to be shut down for several hours as a result. ACs Towing and Recovery and Liggett’s Auto & Towing conducted the removal.

The state Department of Transportation just last month presented the latest plan to mitigate strikes at the Glenville bridge.

The plan calls for a turnaround ahead of the bridge in the westbound direction to be installed this year, and an overheight vehicle detection system for 2023.

Photos: Glenridge Road bridge strike Glenville 4/13/22 (9 Photos)
DOT officials presented the schedule and concept to the Glenville town board after years of calls by town and state officials, as well as residents, for something to be done to keep trucks from hitting the bridge, which only has a clearance height of 10 feet 11 inches.
But scenes such as Wednesday’s have become almost commonplace at the bridge. More than 100 vehicles have crashed into the bridge in recent years, including a semi in January, just 17 days into the new year.

“It’s shocking that we suffer another bridge strike; one of the worst I’ve seen,” Glenville Supervisor Chris Koetzle said Wednesday afternoon. “Again, thankfully nobody was hurt, but this is a stark reminder that we need to proceed with the deployment of DOT’s proposed solutions immediately.”

The driver said more signs closer to the bridge need to be put in place so this doesn’t happen to anyone else. 

It’s kinda surprising that Goggle Maps can warn you of traffic delays, and speed traps, but can’t seem to warn about bridges that might be problematic for trucks, many that have been there for many decades. He may not have been going by GM, but whatever he’s using for guidance.


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Police arrest husband of missing Massachusetts woman

BOSTON (AP) — The husband of a missing Massachusetts woman was arrested Sunday for allegedly misleading investigators, according to the office of Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey.

Massachusetts State Police and local police took Brian Walshe, 46, of Cohasset, Massachusetts into custody after concluding they had “probable cause” to believe he had misled investigators into the search for his 39-year-old wife, Ana Walshe. She has been missing since New Year’s Day.

The announcement of Brian Walshe’s arrest came after Massachusetts State Police and local police said in a joint statement that their ground search for Ana Walshe or evidence related to her disappearance concluded Saturday.

A specialized State Police unit trained in search and rescue operations, three K-9 teams and the State Police Air Wing searched wooded areas near Walshe’s home Saturday. State Police divers searched a small stream and a pool but did not find anything, the statement said. The Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council also helped with the search.

Walshe, the mother of three young children, was last seen a week ago in her Cohasset home, police said.

She was reported missing Wednesday by her husband in Cohasset and her employer in Washington, according to The Patriot Ledger. The couple owns a home in Washington and Walshe commutes during the week for work at a real estate company, her friends said.

While police searched for Walshe on Friday, there was a fire at a home in Cohasset she owned until last year. The home was sold in March. State Police and local investigators determined the cause of the fire was accidental. The current occupants escaped safely.

The investigation into Walshe’s disappearance is ongoing. Authorities returned to her home Sunday, while detectives from Cohasset and the State Police were also in Washington investigating, according to The Boston Globe.

Brian Walshe, is awaiting sentencing in a fraud case involving the sale of fake Andy Warhol paintings, according to court records. Cohasset police said Walshe’s disappearance and her husband’s case seem to be two very separate things, The Boston Globe reported.

He is scheduled to be arraigned Monday on the latest charges in Quincy District Court. It was unclear if Brian Walshe has an attorney and a phone number for him could not be found.
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The top 10 real estate markets seeing the biggest changes. Some

As the U.S. housing market cools down, bidding wars are now a distant memory and many homebuyers and sellers are waiting to see how prices shake out before making a move.

Nationwide, the number of days homes stayed on the market rose by 67% to 35 days in October, up from 21 days last October, showing that higher mortgage rates —which have doubled since last year — have combined with inflation and pessimism about the economy to weigh on the real estate market.

But housing market conditions at the local level varied greatly, according to a report by House Method.

“A lot of the metros where there was a huge decrease in the days on market were a lot of very small, less expensive towns and metros,” says Caroline Jones, who analyzed data for Housing Method. “It shows that many people are not really able to afford a house in the more popular, more expensive metros anymore.”

This list of locations where homes spent fewer days on the market was dominated by Pennsylvania metros, four of which, including Harrisburg and Lancaster, stayed on the market for just over a week on average. The median sale price in that state rose 9.5% from $192,000 in October 2021 to $210,000 in 2022, well below the U.S. median home price of $379,100.

Housing market predictions:Six experts weigh in on the real estate outlook in 2023
Top 10 real estate markets for 2023:Goodbye COVID boomtowns, hello mid-sized markets
Housing market:What’s happening with the housing market? Mortgage rates, home prices and affordability.

By contrast, homes in Midwestern markets appear to be selling fast, with Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, and Nebraska among the top 10.

Some of the markets that saw the biggest percentage increase in the amount of time homes took to sell were places that also saw big price increases during the pandemic.

For instance, in North Port, Florida, the number of days homes took to sell rose by 263% this October compared with the same time last year. Just before the pandemic, in February 2020, the median price of a home sold in North Port stood at $230,000. In July 2022, it had shot up to $410,000.

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Top 10 Trusted IT Companies in USA 2023

The companies are shortlisted based on many parameters like client reviews, work experience, development skills, average hourly rate, project size, company strength and many more.

Growth, demand, ROI, and achieving goals are the things that every business desires to achieve quickly. One of the more reliable ways to achieve them is by stepping into the digital world with the help of IT companies. IT companies offer various services and solutions to businesses that can help them to enhance their working ability and services making it accurate to match the international level.

As each stage of the business demands expertise in different technologies, reaching out to top IT companies seems to be the best option to get accurate results. IT companies offer digital solutions that increase sales, define goals, manage stock, enhance skills, and more with minimal effort. They make sure to enhance every stage of business starting from the management to sales to make it more efficient and effortless which saves a lot of time and is valuable for all businesses. 

As there are tons of IT companies available offering top-notch services to the businesses out there, it becomes a task to sort the top IT companies which have the knowledge and experience to handle any situation.

To make your work easy made a list of the top 10 IT companies in USA browsing the companies located in different cities such as Florida, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and more.

The companies are shortlisted based on many parameters like client reviews, work experience, development skills, average hourly rate, project size, company strength and many more.

The List of Top 10 Popular IT Companies in USA 2023

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