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Real Estate: What is the difference between a detached condo and a site condo?

Q: My Dad passed away in January and my Mom passed many years ago. I need to sell their home. Dad had his hobbies and there is a lot of stuff besides the normal furniture, clothes etc… My husband and I still work full time jobs (not retired yet). With only limited time available to work at the house, it will take us a long time to go through everything and empty it out. This doesn’t take into consideration anything that should be done to the house before putting it up for sale. I don’t want to make a second career out of this. We need help; any suggestions?

A: This is a position that many find themselves in more often than you’d think. There may be items you want to keep, items that are keepsakes, valuable or collectable, items that are saleable and definitely items that belong in the trash. I can’t speak for what other agents do, but I can tell you what I do for clients listing their inherited home with me. I first recommend taking out the things you or family members want, leaving what you don’t want. I know reputable estate sale companies that will come in and organize a sale, but be aware that depending what you have, they may not be interested in doing an estate sale. Also, another stumbling block with estate sales is that it will cost you money to have all the items removed that did not sell at the estate sale. I have seen numerous times where a check has to be written out to the estate sales company because what sold did not cover the cost of removal.

I also have a thrift / resale store that will come in and empty out the house at no charge and sometimes pay you for some of the items. For the hobbyist who have model trains, model cars etc. I know reputable dealers who will come in and pay cash at a fair market price and remove those items so you don’t have to. When it comes to possible repairs that need to be done before putting it on the market I have handymen, electricians, roofers etc… who have helped many of my clients that I can recommend. This approach prevents a lot of stress/anxiety.

It can also save you time and money; remember, a vacant house or condo can be a financial burden. You still have to pay property taxes, insurance, utilities, mortgage (if one exists) and possibly home owner’s association dues. I have witnessed family members of deceased love ones taking 7-9 months or longer to go through things and organize their own garage sale to make $1,000 not realizing that the monthly overhead for taxes, insurance, monthly association fees and utilities was costing them $675 per month (they lost over $4,000).

Q: My wife and I are looking to sell our house and buy a condo. We are not clear as to the difference between a detached condo and a site condo. Are they the same thing?
A: Often Buyers buy this type of property and really don’t know what they bought because no one explained it to them correctly. I have even witnessed builder’s sales people explain it wrong. Here’s the simple explanation. Detached condos look like houses; however, no land/lot goes with the property. Everything outside the walls of the condo is common area. Site condos look like houses and include the land/lot it sits on with the ownership of the condo.

Market Update: February’s market update for Macomb County and Oakland County’s housing market is as follows. In Macomb County prices were up by more than 8% and Oakland County prices were up by more than 9% for the month. Residential home/condo on market inventory was down again. Macomb County’s on market inventory was down by more than 7% and Oakland County’s on market inventory was down by almost 24%. Macomb County average days on market was 28 days and Oakland County average days on market was 30 days. Closed sales in Macomb County were down by almost 7% and closed sales in Oakland County were down by almost 13%. The closed sales are down as a direct result of the continued low inventory.

Demand still remains high. We are currently averaging around a one-month supply of homes for sale; a six-month supply is considered a balanced supply. (All comparisons are month to month, year to year.)

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Transforming the Real Estate World: The Story of Alberto Conesa

In the fast-paced world of real estate, where competition is fierce and opportunities are fleeting, there emerges a figure who has revolutionized the way real estate agents and agencies operate and thrive. Alberto Conesa, a passionate visionary with a clear mission, has transformed the lives of thousands of real estate professionals in Europe, the United States, and Latin America over the past four years. His company, BrandingCenter® – Advanced Real Estate Training, has been the source of inspiration and knowledge behind this revolution.

An Impressive Journey

Alberto Conesa is no stranger to the real estate industry. His commitment and dedication to excellence in this field have led him to work with over 5000 agencies across three continents, creating systems and strategies that not only boost revenue but also generate multiple sources of income. His impact extends far beyond geographical borders, and his story is a source of inspiration for all those looking to excel in this competitive sector.

From Author to Mentor: A Leader in Real Estate Education

Alberto Conesa is the author of two successful books that have become benchmarks in the real estate industry: «Master, Real Estate Agents Who Build a High-Revenue Mind» and «Real Estate Branding, Awaken the Titan.» These works have not only been widely praised but have also provided real estate agents with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in an ever-evolving market.

Beyond writing, Alberto has established himself as the most disruptive trainer in the Spanish-speaking real estate sector.

He offers his services as a mentor and consultant to agencies and real estate agents, sharing his deep knowledge and vast experience to guide them toward success. His approach goes beyond offering theoretical advice; it is based on field-tested strategies, ensuring tangible and sustainable results.

Well-Deserved Recognition

Alberto Conesa achievements speak for themselves and have been widely recognized by the real estate community and beyond. In 2020, he received the prestigious European Award for Technology and Innovation from the European Institute of Technology and Innovation (EITI), a testament to his ongoing quest for innovative solutions in the real estate world.

In 2021, his commitment and business talent were once again rewarded with the EUROPEAN AWARD for Business Talent, an accolade that recognizes outstanding leaders who make a significant contribution to the development of the real estate and business sectors.

A Global Vision for the Future

With an ambitious futuristic vision, Alberto Conesa aspires to extend his influence and knowledge to real estate agencies and agents worldwide. His goal is clear: to elevate the global real estate industry to new heights. His proven strategies are applicable in any context and market, and his passion for transforming lives and businesses is contagious.

To stay updated on Alberto Conesa’s latest insights and tips, you can follow him on social media under the handle @AlbertoConesaOfficial. Furthermore, for more information about his work and access to valuable resources, we invite you to visit his website at

Alberto Conesa is a name that resonates strongly in the real estate industry. His legacy is a testament to how passion, dedication, and knowledge can transform the real estate world and propel it to new heights of success. His story continues to be written, and his impact is only growing.

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Colorado Gov. Polis signs new batch of gun laws

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) signed a new batch of gun legislation into law on Friday, several months after a deadly mass shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs.

The laws establish a three-day waiting period to obtain a firearm, raise the minimum age to purchase firearms to 21, make it easier to sue gun manufacturers and expand the state’s red flag law.

“Coloradans deserve to be safe in our communities, in our schools, our grocery stores, nightclubs and everywhere in between,” Polis said at the bill signing, according to The Colorado Sun.

Politics & Inclusion dinner a night to celebrate journalists of color
Pro-DeSantis PAC positions Florida governor as successor to Trump
Five people were killed and 17 were injured in November when a 22-year-old gunman opened fire at Club Q, an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs.

A proposed assault weapons ban failed to make it to the governor’s desk alongside the other gun control legislation after the House Judiciary Committee voted last week to postpone consideration of the bill indefinitely.

However, legislation to ban the sale and manufacture of so-called “ghost guns,” or unserialized firearms, remains under consideration in the Colorado state Senate.

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2 Cases Filed Against Wrestling Body Chief, 1 Of Them For Harassing Minor

he Delhi Police, which functions under Amit Shah’s Home Ministry, filed the two first information reports (FIRs) hours after the Supreme Court ordered them to do so.

The Delhi Police have filed two cases against Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) chief Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh after the country’s top wrestlers made allegations of sexual harassment against him.
The Delhi Police, which functions under Amit Shah’s Home Ministry, filed the two first information reports (FIRs) hours after the Supreme Court ordered them to do so, amid protests at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar by wrestlers including Bajrang Punia, Sakshi Malik and Vinesh Phogat.

One of the FIRs is over a complaint of sexual harassment by a minor, filed under the stringent Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, which gives no scope for bail.

The Delhi Police will pursue the case actively, sources said.

Mr Singh, who is also a BJP MP, welcomed the Supreme Court’s order to file the police case into allegations of sexual harassment against him.

Mr Singh told reporters the wrestlers should have waited for the report of a committee that was tasked to look into the matter before they decided to sit on a protest in Delhi’s Jantar Mantar.

«I am happy with the judiciary’s decision. The Delhi Police will investigate the allegations and I am ready to cooperate with them in every possible way. No one is bigger than the judiciary in this country. The order has come to file an FIR (first information report). The government had also said it had no objection to filing an FIR. I am not larger than the Supreme Court. I welcome the order,» Mr Singh told reporters.

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