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Alessandro PIGA: Italian enters the Latino community of Miami as one of the best traders

Alessandro Piga, 30 years old, born in the city of Pesaro, Italy, raised in the culinary field of parent’s Chef de haute cuisine, leaves in search of a future. At 17 years old in Cancun, he practiced his traditions and Italian flavor, so he managed to manifest his skills and legacy.

“Due Torri” was a restaurant he owned for three years in Cancun. Then, at the age of 21, he traveled to the United States to succeed; he settled in the city of Miami, where he became one of the best chefs in the city of Miami, working at Forte Dei Marmi and Portosole.

After the pandemic, he begins a new adventure in the world of e-commerce as a creator and developer of online stores, and in turn, with the help of friends, he embarks on the path of the stock market. And he positions himself as one of the best trailers in town, achieving his dreams of driving a Lamborghini and buying his own house; once again, all dreamers do not give up and pursue your dreams, Piga. So with this phrase, the young Italian encourages the Latino community to strive for their dreams and that everything is possible.

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Dario Gainza Raises The Bar In The Miami Luxury Vehicle Rental Industry

Dario Gainza, a 33-year-old Cuban, is one of the most admired people in Miami as he initiated his start-up known as Royal Exotic Lifestyle. (Florida, United States, May 31st, 2022) Dario Gainza was a 20-year-old Cuban who moved to the United States with exceptional talent and eminent dreams. He had to struggle because it was not easy to fight the language barrier and make his mark in the business community.

The element of cultural difference was a severe hindrance in the way of Dario’s success. However, he never lost his confidence and hope, kept his head high, and finally acquired a substantial position in the Luxury Vehicle rental business with the company he registered as Royal Exotic Lifestyle.

This luxury rental business was not his first venture. Dario Gainza also owned one of Florida’s most prestigious refrigerated truck companies for the last ten years. In 2020, during the pandemic, he developed virtual stores and launched his E-Commerce projects that acquired great success and grew exponentially.

Another star in Dario’s armor is that he was so inspired by the Luxury cars and yachts that he became one of the Latinos in Miami who engaged in the most expensive and exclusive car purchases of the year. Now owns Royal Exotic Lifestyle, a luxury car and yacht rental company recognized by the business community.

In 2022, he embarked on a new adventure with the management and sponsorship of Latin music artists working in the Reggaeton genre, such as El Carli. With great humility and performance, he has managed to be an example to the Latino community by demonstrating that you can dream. To learn more about Royal Exotic Lifestyle, click here

About Dario Gainza

Dario Gainza is a visionary entrepreneur who defeated all odds and migrated to the US for a better future. He has never renounced his dreams during the journey from Royal Runners and Royal Exotics Lifestyles to developing E-commerce stores. He is an honor for the Cuban community, as the success of his ventures is remarkable.

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Brain Behind Multi-Million Dollar Beauty Brands Launches Skin Care Line for Women 50+

With the surge of indie beauty brands over the last 10 years, there is never a shortage of ideas circulating on what category is underserved and will likely be the next to flourish. Veteran beauty guru and the woman behind some of today’s most successful brands, Germaine Bolds-Leftridge has seen this from every aspect. With decades of industry experience in sales and marketing, Bolds-Leftridge saw an opportunity that is personal to her as a woman over the age 50, and decided to create a skin care line that not only caters to women like her, but whose mission is to ensure women in this ‘Platinum Group’ embrace aging, don’t go unnoticed, and have as many options as millennials and other demographics for quality skin care. Thus I Know Skin Care was born.

The I Know Line is dedicated to women of color and Bolds-Leftridge says, “We call our audience the ‘Platinum Group’ because to be a Platinum Woman is a distinct honor.  She is confident, beautiful, wise, she is comfortable with who she is and who she is not.  The Platinum Woman embraces the wisdom that experience has brought her.  She knows the joys of longevity, and she knows that longevity has its joys.  She embraces all her seasons.  She knows that the win takes place in the fourth quarter, and her goal is to win…on her own terms.”  

With not many direct competitors making noise in this category, the savvy founder has carved out a space to watch. Her expertise and immense network is sure to play a role in the growth of the brand. But growing I KNOW will not be without challenges as creating any lasting brand takes time, money and diligence. Already ahead of the curve, I KNOW has launched its AMAZON store and the products have begun to create a buzz via social media. Bold-Leftridge knows the bar is set high and says, “The expectation is for us to be received for who we are: the authority on maturing Black skin. We represent the culture, the community, and the very demographic of our consumer.  The IKNOW Skincare treatment solutions has been formulated with love and intention with this distinct consumer in mind…Black women.”

When it comes to competitors, we haven’t come across an indie black owned brand for women over 50, but household names like Revlon and Olay have similar products that appeal to the demographic, specifically those with Vitamin C and Retinol. However, with Amazon being I Know’s primary selling platform, they’ll have a competitive edge with cultivating their target audience.

We’re excited about this category and the innovation behind the brand is apropos with aging being more embraced on social media. There is certainly room to expand the conversation, so it appears Bolds-Leftridge has found yet another promising venture to pursue.

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