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The Secret Behind Babbel: Our Language Learning Approach Is Built On 3 Pillars

Why is Babbel so good at teaching people a new language? Belen Caeiro from Babbel’s Product Marketing team explains the secret behind this app’s success.

Berlin is an international city where you’ll hear snippets of conversations in dozens of different languages on the daily. This is one reason why it’s the perfect city for Babbel’s headquarters — we are 600 language enthusiasts piling into one five-story building in the heart of Berlin. Babbel has employees from over 60 countries, speaking more languages than you can imagine, all working on one popular product in this space.

Working here, I’m often asked how Babbel is so good at teaching people new languages. To answer this question, I decided to sit down with our own multilingual Belen Caeiro. She leads our Product Marketing team here at Babbel and knows the app inside and out. Here’s what she said about why learning a language with Babbel is so effective.

Belen explained that she was lucky because her parents helped her get an international education. She lived in Spain, Singapore, the Philippines, the United States and the Netherlands before coming to Berlin. Her life experience confirmed that Babbel is the right place for her

“We learn a new language in order to speak it with other people. To make that possible, our product has a few special features,” explains Belen. She opened the Babbel app on her laptop and pointed to the overview of the available courses. “We categorize language learning content in Babbel into relevant topics.” Depending on the language, you’ll find cultural traits and the most common conversation topics right at the beginning. Using public transportation, ordering food and expressing what you want — these are all at the top of the list.

Belen points out that the learning content builds on itself, so it’s easy to stay oriented. But if you just want to refresh a few topics, you can also jump right in! Belen clicks “next” on a lesson and then on the microphone symbol: “We use our users’ feedback to continually optimize our product. Thanks to our customer service team, but also the feedback we collect in meetups, we know that our users want to practice their pronunciation. Our speech recognition feature in the product supports them in that.”

Learning a language online with Babbel is also based on proven learning exercises, such as fill-in-the-blanks, which we keep as close to real life as possible. Belen demonstrates the principle:

Belen ephasized that even the way we teach grammar focuses on conversation. Babbel is developed in such a way that users can lead a real-life conversation as quickly as possible.  Babbel isn’t as playful: It doesn’t have the game aspect that might make other apps more entertaining. “But that’s a clear decision from our side,” explained Belen.

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A Bucketful of Economic Reports Highlight the First Week of December as Markets Remain on Edge

As 2022 enters its last month, the end of year state of America’s economy will come into clearer focus with a variety of game-changing reports on the nation’s gross domestic product, inflation, labor market and consumer confidence on tap this week.

First up on Tuesday will be the monthly home price index from S&P Corelogic Case-Shiller for September. Also on Tuesday, the Conference Board’s consumer index for November will be released. Although consumers have been reporting a gloomy mood, they have continued to spend. A record $9.12 billion was spent on Black Friday, according to Adobe Analytics, with Cyber Monday also offering a chance for more spending.

As Black Friday hit record spending online, we’re also seeing more prominent signs of a budget-conscious consumer this year,” said Vivek Pandya, lead analyst, Adobe Digital Insights. “Shoppers are embracing the Buy Now Pay Later payment method more this year to be able to buy desired gifts for family and friends.”

Wednesday will bring the first of several takes on the job market with the November monthly report from private payroll firm ADP. Last month, there were 239,000 new jobs created but analysts will be looking for a pullback as the economy slows. Then, later Wednesday, the Labor Department issues the job openings numbers for October. Last month saw a sharp drop in the number, but it was still nearly two jobs for every available worker.

In between, the Bureau of Economic Analysis has its second estimate of the gross domestic product for the third quarter. The advance estimate was 2.6%, and economists expect something close to that for this week’s update.

All will be factors for the Federal Reserve to consider ahead of its December 13-14 meeting. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell is scheduled to speak Wednesday afternoon at the Brookings Institution. As he speaks, the Fed will release its so-called beige book, a survey of the 12 regional banks that make up the Fed that measures how economies are doing around the country.

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Zylo Secures $31.5M Series C to Help Companies Reduce SaaS Costs and Operationalize Renewals

SaaS management leader accelerates growth and doubles new business during record-setting year; new investor Baird Capital leads round.

INDIANAPOLIS, Nov. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Zylo the enterprise leader in SaaS Management, today announced $31.5 million in Series C funding led by Baird Capital’s Venture Team. Organizations worldwide rely on Zylo to find, manage, and reduce SaaS application spend, sprawl, and risk – challenges brought to the forefront given the current economic climate.

The funding round also included Spring Lake Equity Partners and existing investors Bessemer Venture Partners, Menlo Ventures, and High Alpha, as well as strategic partner and investor Coupa Ventures.

“We’re proud to welcome Baird Capital’s Venture Team and Spring Lake Equity Partners as new investors who, along with our returning partners, recognize the potential Zylo has to cement our position as the SaaS Management category leader,” said Eric CEO and co-founder of Zylo. “This funding will allow us to accelerate product innovation and hiring, building on the success we’ve experienced this past year – a growth period that included doubling new business and setting records for demand and customer retention.”

On average, companies use more than 300 SaaS applications and overspend on licenses by 15% each year, according to Zuly Zylo eliminates unnecessary costs, helping companies receive a greater return on their software investment. The opportunity for savings is significant, given that the average SaaS spend reaches $65 million per year. CIOs and CFOs increasingly look to Zylo’s SaaS Management solutions to achieve visibility across their entire organizations’ SaaS commitments and stop SaaS sprawl.

“Investment in SaaS became even more critical in the past few years as companies sought to prioritize new tools and technology that helped keep their businesses running in the pandemic. However, this new environment contributed to accelerated SaaS spending and deployments that have lost efficiency and control, thus becoming its own challenge that is impacting companies globally,” said Benedict Rocchio, Partner at Baird Capital and new Zylo board member. “Baird Capital clearly recognizes the value that Zylo provides to their customers through SaaS management and believes it is of even increased importance in the current economic climate.”

In addition to investing further in product advancements, this funding will allow Zylo to continue to expand go-to-market and engineering teams in the Indianapolis area, along with hybrid hiring throughout the country.

“With more than 30 million SaaS licenses and $30 billion in spend data under management, Zylo is the clear category leader,” said Byron Deeter, partner at Bessemer Venture Partners. “The need for companies to manage the rapid rise of SaaS and cloud subscription costs is evident. Zylo is growing alongside the demand, and Bessemer is excited to continue to invest and partner to further support their growth.”

Zylo customer Coupa has experienced firsthand the value that Zylo can offer to companies managing hundreds of SaaS applications.

“With a global workforce and thousands of employees, SaaS management wasn’t just a ‘nice to have’ but a critical component of our continued growth,” said Eric Tan, CIO at Coupa. “Zylo gave us the transparency and visibility we were looking for to make strategic and business-aligned decisions.”

This funding announcement comes on the heels of a record-setting year. In addition to Zylo’s increases in demand, new business and customer retention, the company was named by G2 as a leader in two categories: SaaS Spend Management and SaaS Operations Management.
For more information about Zylo’s SaaS Management platform and cost optimization services, visit.

About Zylo
Zylo is the enterprise leader in SaaS Management. Companies such as Adobe, Atlassian, Coupa, Doordash, Intuit, Slack, Salesforce, and Yahoo leverage Zylo’s enterprise-proven technology and unparalleled SaaS Management expertise to control the rising costs and risks of SaaS while improving software adoption by employees and driving innovation.

With more than 30 million SaaS licenses and $30 billion in SaaS spend under management, Zylo is fueled by more data than any other provider. Only Zylo’s enterprise SaaS management platform delivers 100% visibility into your SaaS footprint to drive actionable insights and automated workflows. Alongside the platform, Zylo offers a suite of spend optimization services to drive greater cost savings while freeing up resources, implementing a proven best-in-class approach to manage SaaS negotiations from end to end.

Having raised more than $67.5M to date, Zylo is backed by leading SaaS investors, including Bessemer Venture Partners, Menlo Ventures, Baird Capital’s Venture Team, Spring Lake Equity Partners, High Alpha, GGV, Slack Fund, Salesforce Ventures, and Coupa Ventures. To learn.

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Playground xyz Partners with Publicis Groupe APAC to Enable Brands to Capitalise on the Power of Attention Signals

This project expands on an ongoing partnership that has seen Playground help Publicis Groupe APAC clients test attention-based solutions and build a clear understanding of the actual levels of consumer attention their digital display advertising receives.

A few cases have already been piloted in the region, with results indicating that attention is significant in delivering better results. In Australia, Publicis’ eCommerce retailer clients saw an increase in click-based conversions for attention-optimised line items, and a luxury automotive client in Singapore, whose objective was to drive landings to site for registration, had a +17% lift in performance when optimising delivery based on attention time.

Sapna Nemani, chief product & solution officer, APAC for Publicis Groupe said, “Brands have always been in the business of capturing and converting attention. Yet, as an industry, we have found it hard to quantify this, until now. The ability to measure attention meaningfully gives us an accurate perspective on effectiveness, and this is a game changer.”

Rob Hall, CEO of Playground xyz, commented on the transformative potential that attention holds for digital advertising: “We’re continuing to find that attention time is an incredibly reliable and effective predictor of brand outcomes. It’s capable of unearthing hugely beneficial insights that will undoubtedly help brands effectively formulate their strategies. Attention data is the missing ingredient in advertisers’ quests to secure maximum ROI and we’re incredibly excited to be helping Publicis’ clients realise its potential.”

The next stages of the partnership will look to test how Playground’s attention solutions can be  applied to other advertising approaches and channels, including contextual targeting and YouTube video ads.

Playground xyz’s Attention Intelligence Platform uses real eye-tracking data from an opt-in panel, fused with AI to deliver attention measurement and optimisation, and has won numerous industry awards for its innovative applications.

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