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Trump anuncia su tercera candidatura a la presidencia de Estados Unidos

El expresidente estadounidense Donald Trump anunció este miércoles que competirá por la candidatura del Partido Republicano de cara a las elecciones presidenciales previstas para el 5 de noviembre de 2024.

Trump hizo el anuncio durante un extenso discurso desde su residencia de Mar-a-Lago, en Florida, que arrancó con la frase: “El regreso de EE.UU. empieza ahora”.

“Hoy estoy anunciando mi candidatura a la presidencia de Estados Unidos”, dijo frente a decenas de sus simpatizantes. “Esta no es una tarea para un candidato, es una tarea para un gran movimiento”, añadió.

Se trata de una decisión inusual para un exmandatario estadounidense que ya perdió unas elecciones presidenciales.

“Esta no será mi campaña, será nuestra campaña. Vamos a unificar a la gente”, indicó en su discurso, en el que atacó duramente al presidente Joe Biden y en el que, como hizo en 2016, volvió a presentar un oscuro panorama de EE.UU.

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ong Island students create NY-themed ornaments for Christmas tree outside White House

From Broadway to the Bronx Zoo, drawings depicting New York’s diversity designed by third-graders at Maplewood Intermediate School in were laminated, scanned, and turned into ornaments that now adorn a Christmas tree outside the White House.

I feel happy, excited and I like can’t wait until the President and Vice President can see my ornament,” said one student. 

The class was chosen out of more than 4,000 K-12 schools in New York as part of the “America Celebrates” ornaments program.

Fifty-eight trees – one for each state, territory, and the District of Colombia are decked out with designs made by students to symbolize the history, heritage and culture of their homelands.

We can’t just draw things about Long Island,” said teacher Viviana Polanco. “We’re going to represent the entire state. We had a lesson about the diversity of New York just like the diversity of the classroom.”

Designs include notable landmarks, experienced and favorite foods to highlight the place they’re growing up. 

President’s Park is now open to the public through the new year. School officials are working on putting together a trip to Washington so the students can actually see the ornaments they created for themselves. 

“It’s like a once-in-a-lifetime chance,” said another student. 

A chance drawn out of love for the state these students call home.

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Belgium knocked out of World Cup after goalless draw with Croatia as head coach Roberto Martinez steps down

Belgium was knocked out of the 2022 World Cup on Thursday after a goalless draw with Croatia left it third in Group F.

In what was a frustrating evening for the Red Devils, both Romelu Lukaku and Yannick Carrasco spurned good opportunities to score the goal which would have sent Belgium through.

As it was, the No. 2 ranked team in the world failed to make the breakthrough at the Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, meaning it won’t be featuring in the knockout phase of the tournament.

Morocco — which won its game against Canada on Thursday 2-1 — and Croatia qualified from the group, finishing first and second respectively.

For Belgium, it is another disappointing end to an international tournament and the Royal Belgian Football Association announced shortly afterward that manager Roberto Martínez had stepped down from his role as national team coach.

In his post-match interview, Martínez said that Belgium can go home with its “heads held high.”

“It’s not easy to win games in the World Cup. We weren’t ourselves in first game, we had a deserved defeat in the second game,” Martínez told the BBC.

“Today, we were ready, we created opportunities and, today, there is no regrets. We’re out, but we can leave with our heads held high.

It was meant to be the last dance for the so-called ‘golden generation’ of Belgium.

With many of its squad approaching or in their mid-30s — including Dries Mertens, Jan Vertonghen and Toby Alderweireld — the World Cup in Qatar was seen by many as a final opportunity to get over the hump and win an international football title.

But although the squad was packed full of top-level players, the age profile of the team led some to believe that Belgium’s window had passed.

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Four 2023 Trends From Hilton

Hilton’s shows many parallels between what the general public wants when on the road and what meeting and event attendees seek when they travel to an off-site face-to-face event.

The new 2023 Travel Trends report from Hilton finds that, after a year of just being happy to get out of the house and on the road again, travelers are now starting to look for a deeper, more engaging and wellness-focused experience. Sound familiar? That’s also what many of the recent surveys have found that meeting and event attendees also hope to find, both in their travel experience and in the meeting rooms.

The pandemic reinforced that there is no true replacement for in-person meetings and events, and Hilton’s trends report reiterates that sentiment,” says Gerilyn Horan, Vice President, Group Sales and Strategic Accounts, Hilton. “Meetings and events attendees, today, are seeking opportunities to build and enhance their business relationships and connections, take their wellness routines on the road with them, as well as the ability to maximize travel efficiencies, whether it be through innovative technology or the introduction of sustainability features that will benefit their company’s ESG initiatives.

The Hilton 2023 Travel trends report is based on an evaluation of quantitative and qualitative data research, as well as insights collected by more than 7,000 travelers across the world in a survey commissioned by Hilton and conducted by Material, a global strategy, insights, design, and technology partner. Four trends emerged for travel in 2023.

Deeper, more engaging human experiences and connectionsAs event organizers strive to make educational and networking sessions more engaging while at the event itself, the trend of bringing in the local environment to the meeting room is bang on with Hilton’s general traveler trends as well. Almost half of respondents want to be immersed in local culture and products, and another 40% want personalized access to unique experiences or activities, such as performances, events, spa treatments or classes.

If you haven’t already organized a corporate social responsibility (CSR) event to benefit the local community, showcased local food and beverages on the meeting menu (farm-to-table is still red hot), provided local crafts as welcome gifts, or brought in local talent to entertain, 2023 sounds like the year to start.Wellness on the road.

While there is no doubt will be some attendees who still want to stay up late partying and inhale coffee to make it through the early morning sessions, the general trend is toward keeping healthier habits while away from home, the Hilton survey found. Half of respondents said they seek travel experiences in 2023 that align with their wellness goals and priorities, addressing the mind, body and spirit. Just under half said access to fitness amenities and activities will be important, and more than a third said they would be prioritizing mental and emotional health while on the road.

In addition to scheduling in enough free time for attendees to be able to hit the fitness center without missing any vital pieces of the event program, event planners also may want to consider adding in a fitness challenge, a fun walk/run, morning yoga or other health and wellness activities, as well as providing a “quiet room” that could be used for meditation, prayer or just a little time out from all the meeting hustle and bustle. This also could be a good year to fine-tune your menus to include healthier options that still feel.

indulgent.Personalization and feeling cared for. With 86% saying they want recognition and personalization while traveling in 2023 — and more than half wanting more personalized F&B options and activities — meeting and event planners can expect their attendees will have similar expectations.

That means the need to ask about food allergies and preferences up front, and providing a variety of options from keto to kosher, likely will only accelerate in 2023.Innovations, both technological and human.That drive toward personalization, combined with the travel hassles many encountered in 2022, makes travelers want innovations that will help decrease some friction while making life on the road at least a tad easier.

In addition to the personalized dining recommendations and reservation adjustments travelers enjoyed pre-Covid, they also say they will continue to increase their use of tech innovations such as digital keys that let them go straight to their rooms without having to check in at the front desk.

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